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4D Stunts League (also known as 4dsL) was a Stunts competition held by Alan Rotoi. Aimed at Latin American racers, it found extraordinary success through its two seasons, held in 2003 and 2004.

History (by Alan Rotoi)

4dsL logo.
4dsL was created in May 2003 as an info site about Stunts in Spanish. Later on, I published a competition track intended for August 2003; but I had to rush its beginning because I received many registration emails and replays. So the competition started 15th of July 2003 with Melee track, which lasted until 31st July 2003. After that, the tracks were monthly.

I received a lot of racers because 4dsL was associated with another abandonware comunity: La Cueva de los Clásicos. Its admin, Lucas, helped with advertising in his page, giving 4dsL 200 visits per day. Melee, the first track, was available only for 15 days but had 57 pipsqueaks plus the "motivating" time from the virtual opponent Skid Vicious. The idea was to create a newbie competition with easy and fast tracks to make a bridge to the main competitions in the stunts community.

I decided to make a dual league competition to not discourage newbies with impossible times from the "pro" racers. In one side we had the main competition, "Iberoamerica" (i.e. Latin America plus Spain and Portugal); on the other, the rest of the world. Back then, Latin America didn't have pipsqueaks that could unbalance the scoreboard and immediately demotivate the rookies. That was the key to 4dsL success.

The names used for the tracks in the first season were taken from Monkey Island saga islands: Melee, Booty, Scabb, Phatt, Dinky and Monkey. These tracks, when placed together, formed a large map. The competition site also featured a tricks section called "Trucos", which was essential to learn new and different ways to race.

The first season had six tracks, and ended on 31st of December 2003. The winner was the Colombian Tsino who took the 1st place in five tracks, only being beaten by Gutix in the last track. Second place went to XSCrapy and Gutix was 3rd overall.

The numbers were huge: 130 racers from 17 different countries. We also had a very active chatroom (in Spanish) in an IRC server and a subforum within the abandonware forum of La Cueva de los Clásicos. Only in the first track we had: 15 days of competition, 57 pipsqueaks, 14 different countries and 168 replays.

After a six month break, the second season started on 1st of July 2004, featuring a new site design, and ended on 31st of December of 2004. Most of the data of this season was lost because the server hosting it was hacked. Anyway, the Brazilian Dark Chaser won the season, and Gutix helped with the final count.

The names for the tracks in this season were taken from Tolkien's Middle Earth: Rivendel, Hobbiton, Moria, Tirith, Isengard and Mordor.

The first track of the second season Rivendel had 71 racers, probably the most popular track in competitions. Attempting to harness the potential of new jewels who entered the competition, I took some pipsqueaks for my own MeganiuM Aces High team to take part in ZakStunts. They were Chulk, Gutix, Ayrton and AbuRaf70. Thanks to good publicity, many racers were eventually led to the main competitions of the community; and so the project reached its main objective.

Season podiums

Season 2003 - Iberoamerica
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Tsino No Team 177
2 XSCrapy No Team 89
3 Gutix No Team 81
Season 2003 - Mundo
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Mingva Orion 132
2 Krys Toff Orion 126
3 Bonzai Joe Cork's Crew 90

Season 2004 - Iberoamerica
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Dark Chaser The Guns of Brixton 162
2 Chulk No Team 156
3 Ayrton No Team 132
Season 2004 - Mundo
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Krys Toff Damage Inc 174
2 Alain Mimas Racing 30
Akoss Poo Looping Warriors 30

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