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Akoss Poo
Nationality: Hungarian
Location: Kazincbarcika, Hungary
Born: 1983-10-05
Team: Looping Warriors
First race: Mars (TSST, 2000)
Championship titles: Kalpen Competition (2003)

Successful Hungarian racer (since 2000) and active community member of virtual (Stunts Forum) and real (WSM) Stunts world. His best results are winning Kalpen 2003 tournament, finishing 2nd in ZakStunts 2004, 3rd in ZakStunts 2003, 3rd in ISA-IRC Competition in 2003, silver medalist of UnskilledStunts 2004/2005.

He won 19 tracks in his career (in many competitions), which was finished in January 2005 in real, due to woman affairs. He made a short return later that year (it was short, but successful, he won his only ZakStunts track at that time), but abandoned racing due to a computer breakdown. Another short return came in 2008, but a wrist ache made him suspending his career again. Now he's an active racer, competing in ZakStunts 2013.

He managed ZakStunts B competition in 2003, he had an own small competition in 2004, when UnskilledStunts had a summer break.

He won both Track Design Contests at ZakStunts (2002, 2003), and he was entrusted to design many racing tracks for different competitions in the past years.

Akoss Poo is a regular World Stunts Meeting participant, he attended all meetings so far. He is famous for loving chili beans, singing and inventing songs, drinking a lot, böffing, and for his special attitude towards women.


Akoss Poo was the first documented racer to use fence sliding in 1996.

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