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Veteran German racer whose career dates back to the inaugural 2001 season of ZakStunts. Argammon became the fourth man to win a ZakStunts race in January 2002 on Z10. By then he was one half of Euroteam MasterStunts alongside fellow German race winner Bismarck. Later on that year, he would join Alain and co. on the ambitious Orion enterprise. 2003 would turn out to be Argammon's most consistent season, in which he achieved three race wins and ended up fourth on the final standings. Despite the strong results of Orion, the Alain/Argammon partnership was a very volatile one, and it eventually exploded into flames, resulting in Argammon moving to Cork's Crew before the end of that year.

A master of slow cars, Argammon demonstrated in multiple occasions skills on par with the very best racers of all eras, the most recent example being his stunning participation on the middle third of USC season 2007-2008. His abilities, however, never translated into titles, mostly due to his tendency to not take part in more than a handful of races consecutively, skipping large parts of seasons. Argammon also attracted some unwanted notoriety due to the venomous, unbelievably drawn-out flame wars he took part in with former team mates Alain and CTG.

Funny facts

Rumours said his real name is Helmuth Schulte and he owns a Porsche 944. Both informations were strongly denied by Argammon.

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