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The game named Stunts is a creation of Distinctive Software studio, authors of Test Drive and Test Drive 2 before. Differents versions of this game were published.

Broderbund versions (as named BB versions) :

- Stunts 1.0 (05 Oct. 1990)
- Stunts 1.1 (12 Feb. 1991)

Mindscape versions (also named M versions) :

- 4D Sports Driving 1.1 (13 Dec. 1990)
- 4D Sports Driving 1.1 (25 Feb. 1991)

There are several differences between these versions, mainly about crashes on jumps (very often in BB 1.0) or some track elements capability : for example you don't crash if you hit tunnel's roof with Mindcape's 4D Sport Driving 1.1 (13 Feb. 1990).

The most used version in competitions nowadays, is Stunts 1.1. At the beginning of competitions (1998-2000), it was Stunts 1.0 that was most used. When Stunts 1.1 was started to be used, a cheated car named Contest Car was created by Lukas Loehrer to allow Stunts 1.0 users be as fast as 1.1 users, because Indy car is slightly faster in BB/M 1.1 versions than in BB 1.0 version.

According to the countries, Mindscape or BroderBund had the contract for selling the game. In USA, UK, Germany or Eastern Europe, the editor was BroderBund. In France or Belgium, it was Mindscape. BroderBund versions are much more known.


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