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The term cheat car can be used, often interchangeably with custom car, to refer to any modified version of the Stunts' set of original cars, created by hex-editing CAR*.RES files (either directly or through the Car Blaster tool) and, optionally, swapping, mixing or modifying the car graphics files (see the explanations on car files).

Although some cheat cars have much better performance than any of the original cars (thus being cheat cars stricto sensu), such as the Lada Niva Comeback, others were developed as vehicles with reasonably realistic characteristics, the most prominent example being the Melange XGT-88. Custom cars approved for usage in ZakStunts (as of 2009, Skyline, Speedgate and Ranger) can also be included into the latter category. For these, the term "custom car" tends to be employed instead of cheat car. Cheat/custom car design, which once appeared to have become something of a lost art, is experiencing a revival largely thanks to the new possibilities of graphics customization opened by stressed.


Examples of cheated cars

For Stunts 1.1 version :

For Stunts 1.0 version :

(*) indicates the car has custom graphics available.

(**) indicates the car has custom graphics under development.

Rumoured cars

Some additional cars, mentioned as "hidden cars", used to be described in the Stunts page in English main Wikipedia encyclopedia :
In addition to the cars listed above there were 4-6 cars in the PC Version which were not in the game proper, but which could be accessed through a sub directory in the game. Some of the cars in this directory included the following;

  • Antique Roadster
  • K-Car Type
  • Economy Hatchback

No link or proof has been provided by the person who added these comments in the Wikipedia page. I put a "citation needed" comment and hope to see the writer explain where this comes from and, if possible, provide a link to get these cars.

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