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Note: This article refers to the track coming with Stunts as default.trk. For the replay, see Default (replay)

Default is one of the six tracks from Stunts' set of pre-made tracks. As the name implies, it is the track selected by default whenever the game is started (and in fact Stunts will fail to start in the lack of a track file named DEFAULT.TRK in the game root directory). Since it is nearly always the very first track a player comes across, as well as being short and relatively simple, Default is commonly used by racers, especially newbies, as a benchmark. Another interesting trait of Default is the presence of two different paths, one of them being substantially longer and somewhat trickier than the other. That design characteristic opens the way for dual-way switching exploits, necessary for reaching times comparable to the overall records.

Besides holding a number of unofficial or semi-official "permanent competitions", the Default track used for a very special ZakStunts race, ZCT79 with the Porsche March Indy. That choice, loaded with symbolism, was motivated by ZCT79 being the closing race for the troubled 2007 ZakStunts season, held only after an unprecedented three month break of the competition. The race, after many successive world record breakings, was won by Ayrton.


Default Records

Please note most of the results here presented were not officially confirmed, and should be taken mainly as reference values.

Evolution of Default record

Free rules, RH, Indy.

Racer Time Date Notes
Wilczek 0:54.90 1999-02-28 From Lukas Loehrer's site; date is from .RPL metadata
(...) To be retrieved
Alan Rotoi 0:38.60 2003-01-28 Submission date to ZakStunts; driven at 2002-10-29
Alain 0:36.40 2003-09-01
Bonzai Joe 0:35.85 2003-09-08
Mark L. Rivers 0:34.90 2007-12-04
Duplode 0:34.85 2007-12-08
Mark L. Rivers 0:33.95 2007-12-10
Duplode 0:33.65 2007-12-12
Ayrton 0:33.40 2007-12-12
Mark L. Rivers 0:32.85 2007-12-12
Chulk 0:32.65 2007-12-12
Duplode 0:32.55 2007-12-13
Ayrton 0:31.90 2007-12-14
Ayrton 0:31.25 2007-12-29
Mark L. Rivers 0:30.90 2009-03-27
Renato Biker 0:30.35 2010-02-23

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Mark L. Rivers doing a 1:03.10 NoRH lap on the classic line

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