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An Argentinian racer, Gutix was the first of the alumni of Alan Rotoi in MeganiuM Aces High, dominating ZakStunts and pretty much everything else in 2004 (he won HOTU Stunts, AkossStunts, Stunts LOL, ZakStunts, early-2005 IMSA Cup and UnskilledStunts 2004-2005. That is, six titles in nine months). Though he would later add WRC Stunts and the innaugural SDR title to his tally, Gutix has mostly made sporadic appearances on the following years - always being extremely competitive whenever he takes a race, however. The most famous of these appearances is undoubtedly ZCT70 (December 2006), which he duly won by a margin of fourteen seconds with a replay sent on the third day of the month.

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