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A competition started in 2002 by Jim9137 (occasionally known as Jim9136), a well-known member of the HOTU (Home Of The Underdogs) abandonware forum.
The first season lasted only 1 race in 2002. Then 2 complete seasons of 6 races occured in 2003 and 2004.
Seasons 1 and 2 were with "free" OWOOT rule, while 3rd season was a free racing one with all shortcuts allowed.

One famous feature of this competition was the funny comments at the end of the race, like made by 2 radio commentators named "Jim and John".

This competition also featured a second scoreboard apart from the racing one : the "insane" scoreboard. Goal was to do some insane tricks or crashes in replays, and "ISB" (for Insane Stunt Bonus) points were then given to the racer by "Jim and John".

Champions of HOTU Stunts

2002 : ShadowCrust
2003 : Krys Toff
2004 : Gutix

Link to HOTU Stunts competition :

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