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Campeonato JACStunts Brasil, variously known as JACStunts Brazilian Championship or simply JACStunts, is a Stunts competition created in early 2008 by members of the Orkut community of retro-gamers "Jogos Antigos de Computador" (Portuguese for "Old computer games"). Despite the Brazilian origins and management, it is open to racers of all countries. Contest rules enforce both trust-based NoRH and OWOOT rules (actually, two wheels must be on/over the track on most circumstances, and stunt elements can't be skipped with exception made to flying over up/down corkscrews). The typically tight deadlines coupled with longer than average racecourses make for a potentially very demanding competition.

To date, JACStunts has had four seasons. The first season was more of a trial run, with only five tracks during the months of January and February 2008. The second season was intended to have eighteen weekly races, but a number of difficulties eventually led to the resignation of the original manager Thiago Marques and the premature termination of the season after six tracks. The championship was then took over by the rest of JACStunts community, led by Igor Phoenix. Under the new management, the championship finally saw a full season, with fourteen weekly races. A fourth season, which saw a change to a bi-weekly format, was held in the second half of 2008 and the first months of 2009. After the fourth season, JACStunts entered on hiatus; the competition currently waiting for a new manager.

Season Podiums

Season 1 (Jan-Feb 2008)
Rank Racer Points
1 Thiago Marques 46
2 Régis Muller 27
3 Diego Cereal 26
Season 2 (Mar-Apr 2008)
Rank Racer Points
1 Alê (Dark Chaser) 58
2 Thiago Marques 42
3 Igor Phoenix 30
Season 3 (Apr-Jul 2008)
Rank Racer Points
1 Duplode 126
2 Felipe Nemesis 102
3 Rudah 82
Season 4 (Sep 2008-Mar 2009)
Rank Racer Points
1 Mark L. Rivers 65
2 Duplode 59
3 Felipe Nemesis 46

Medal Table

Rank Racer 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Duplode 10 7 6
2 Dark Chaser 7 1 0
3 Mark L. Rivers 6 0 0
4 Felipe Nemesis 4 8 4
5 Thiago Marques 4 6 0
6 Rudah 2 1 9
7 Igor Phoenix 1 2 5
8 Krys Toff 0 4 5
9 Régis Muller 0 2 3
10 Diego Cereal 0 1 0
11 João Paulo 0 0 1

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