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LeStunts refers to a tradition of racing events ran under a code which combines live racing and endurance racing.


The original Le Stunts (2002)

8 mins of "Le Stunts" was introduced to Stunts life by ISA head member Pershing II in July 2002, as a new sort of competition. Pershing designed a track called 'lestunts', which is in effect endless (the finish line being in a separate dual-way path), allowing racers to complete several laps. Between 15th - 21st of July registered participants had to arrange time for meeting at the Stunts chatroom. Racers were given 15 minutes to drive for a duration of 8 minutes on the track. The same 'lestunts' track was used by everyone, but the terrain was slightly changed for each user in order to prevent cheating. Within the available 15 minutes racers had to download their own very special track, drive on it and send the replay to Pershing II! LeStunts was a unique kind of live racing, aiming to reduce RH usage.

A winner would have been a team of 3 members, completing the most distance in the 8minute race period, similar to the 24 hour race of Le Mans... The available cars were: Porsche 962 and Jaguar XJR9. You could choose freely between these two cars. Two teams registered for the first - and so far the last - LeStunts event: Alain, Mingva and Alan Rotoi represented Orion team, while Zak McKracken, Bonzai Joe and Juank23 formed another one. Around the 27th of July Orion in effect won the race, as the other team did not finish the race.

Le Stunts revival (2012-)

Ten years after the original event, CTG revived the Le Stunts concept. Le Stunts currently consists of a series of ad hoc races, organized through the Stunts Forum and the forum chatroom and managed collectively by the racers. The rules are similar to the ones of the 2002; the main changes being that racers compete individually and that the time for completing the replay was shortened to 12 minutes. Races are held in weekends, with racers meeting at the forum chatroom and driving at the same time, as in a live race. Partcipation is open to anyone interested who happens to be at the forum by the time of a race...

Medal table

Rank Racer Races 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Chulk 5 2 3 0
2 Duplode 6 2 1 2
3 CTG 4 1 1 1
4 Bonzai Joe 1 1 0 0
5 dreadnaut 3 0 1 1
6 Friker 3 0 0 1

Recent live racing events


Two tracks were raced: Bauhaus, by dreadnaut and Cactus Festival, by Cas. Participation included dreadnaut, Overdrijf, Cas, Duplode, KyLiE and Daniel3D.


Two tracks were raced: QR (i.e.: Quarantine Room), by Overdrijf, a very clever multi-mini-track, and Superquick by Cas. Participation included Overdrijf, Cas, Duplode and sd4000.


Two tracks were raced: Sunrise and Sundown, both by dreadnaut. Among the participants were: dreadnaut, sd4000, Cas, Marco, Duplode and Overdrijf.


Two tracks were raced: Dorsal, by [[dreadnaut] and Second, by Cas. Participating that day were: Duplode, Friker, Cas and dreadnaut. Zak McKracken was also present, but could not race because of technical problems.


Two tracks were raced: Silverstone and Asleep. Participation included: dreadnaut and Zak McKracken alone for Silverstone, while for Asleep, Bonzai Joe joined as well. Duplode, Chulk and CTG were also present at some point but did not race.

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