List of Kalpen Competition race winners

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The list of Kalpen Competition race winners in chronological order.

Kalpen's Hall of Fame

Racer Track Month/Year
Death Man CTRACK1  ???
Roy Forever CTRACK2  ???
Mark Nailwood CTRACK8  ???
ICEman von CB CTRACK9  ???
Inavoeg CTRACK12  ???
Tom Israels CTRACK15  ???
Gorka CTRACK17  ???
Fdzierva CTRACK22  ???
Zak McKracken CTRACK34  ???
Bonzai Joe CTK2003a  ???
Akoss Poo CTK2003b  ???
Renato Biker CTK2006a  ???
Mislav CTK2006c  ???
Mark L. Rivers CTK2006e  ???
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