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Beign ZakStunts widely accepted as the premier Stunts competition over most of the current decade, winning one of its races is one of the most distinctive honours for competitors. Here are listed the currently sixteen ZakStunts race winners alongside with their first victory, in chronological order.

ZakStunts hall of fame

Racer Track Car Month/Year
Fzdierva ZCT01 Lamborghini LM-002 March 2001
Roy Wiegerinck ZCT03 Ferrari GTO May 2001
Bismarck ZCT09 Porsche Carrera 4 December 2001
Argammon ZCT10 Corvette ZR1 January 2002
Bonzai Joe ZCT11 Ferrari GTO February 2002
Mingva ZCTP02 Skoda Felicia Kompressor July 2002
Usrin ZCTP03 Porsche March Indy August 2002
Alan Rotoi ZCT16 Acura NSX August 2002
Alain ZCT26 (Rush Hour) Porsche 962 IMSA June 2003
Gutix ZCT36 (Indus Valley) Porsche 962 IMSA March 2004
CTG ZCT45 (Kangaroo Playground) Audi Quattro Sport November 2004
Ayrton ZCT52 (The Gate of Hell) Lamborghini Countach June 2005
Akoss Poo ZCT53 (Kinetic Energy) Porsche March Indy July 2005
Chulk ZCT57 (Skid Row) Corvette ZR1 November 2005
Renato Biker ZCT63 (Engine Brake) Lamborghini Countach May 2006
Mark L. Rivers ZCT74 (Sabotage) Porsche Carrera 4 April 2007


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