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Looping Warriors was founded in 2002 by two former classmates, Akoss Poo and Usrin. In 2003, the team merged with Unskilled Drivers under the name Opponent Near. After CTG left the Opponent Near for Damage Inc in 2004, name changed back to Looping Warriors. The number of members was fluctuating between 2 and 3 year by year because of the "world famous" team loyalty of CTG. However, the membership of Akoss Poo and Usrin wasn't declared in ZakStunts between 2007 and 2012.

Looping Warriors are currently two times title holders of ZakStunts team championship by winning a very sharp battle against Yellow Fleas in 2013, and by surpassing all of their rivals with a huge gap in 2014.

List of all time members: Akoss Poo (2002, 2004-); Usrin (2002; 2004-); CTG (2006-2008, "dual membership" shared with Damage Inc 2009-2010, 2013-); TurboJack (2004)

Best race of the team: ZCT155 - 1 CTG, 2 Akoss Poo, 3 Usrin

Team rankings in ZakStunts: 2002 - 3rd, 93.6 pts; 2004 - 3rd, 251 pts; 2005 - 5th, 73 pts; 2006 - 4th, 151 pts; 2013 - 1st, 221 pts; 2014 - 243 pts.

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