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Mark L. Rivers is an Italian racer who joined the community in 2005. He would soon establish himself as one of the key figures in the "post-classical" era of the competitions, being for instance the runner-up of ZakStunts 2007, and acquire a reputation for his extensive Indycar racing skills. He also became an influential and innovative competition manager, holding the Stunts Drivers Races (aka SDR) competitions between 2006 and 2007, as well as the Stunts World Ranking and the International Stunts Master and Stunts Olympic Games special events. Remarkably, Mark was largely the responsible for the revival of NoRH racing through his SDR-NoRH contest, of which Feel The Thrill is a direct successor. He was also creator of the custom car Speedgate XSD. Mark L. Rivers announced his official retirement from Stunts competitions in February 2009; though he raced occasionally after that until quitting the Stunts community in October 2011.

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