Melange XGT-88

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Melange XGT-88
Designer: Alan Rotoi
Released: 2003 (with custom graphics: 2012)
Game version: 1.1
Engine specs: V8 turbo, 3000cc
Torque peak at: 10250rpm
Max horsepower (est.): 253HP
Transmission: 5-speed
0-60mph: 3.55s
0-100mph: 6.1s
Half mile: 16.65s
Flat track top speed: 218mph
Real top speed : 218mph
Performance data refers to BB 1.1 version unless the car is for 1.0 versions only.

The Melange XGT-88 is, from all custom cars, arguably the best known and most widely deployed in competitions, and is among the favourite cars of a number of racers. Developed by Alan Rotoi, it was released in February 19th of 2003. The Melange has long been considered the third of the IMSA sibling cars with near-official status, and on track, it is close, but not identical, to the original IMSA cars in terms of speed, acceleration and handling - but with one additional feature : a remarkable potential for magic carpets. As for visuals, the Melange mixes features from a number of cars, having the body of the NSX paired to the LM-002 dashboard fitted with a convenient digital speedometer. With the availability of stressed, though, it became possible to implement Alan Rotoi's original concept for the car; and a graphical update performed by CTG was released in December 2012.


Top Speed: 218 mph

Transmission: 5-speed

Gear max. speed:

I..............87 mph

II.............111 mph

III............150 mph

IV............175 mph

V.............218 mph

Power Gear: none

Acceleration (automatic transmission test):

0-60 mph: 3.55 secs.

0-100 mph: 6.1 secs.

0-180 mph: 21.45 secs.

(data taken from Alan Rotoi's readme for the car)

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