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Stunts 1.1 is a PC version of Stunts dated 12 Feb. 1991 and distributed by Broderbund. It is also commonly referred to as BB 1.1. Changes in relation to the original Stunts 1.0 release include slight increases in straight line performance and grip, the correction of the immaterial tunnel roof bug, changes to the jump dynamics (making surviving high jumps much easier and adding a speed boost mechanism on landing) and more efficient replay controls. The BB 1.1 version is the de facto standard for modern competition racing, having superseded Stunts 1.0 years ago. As a reflection of the former dominance of Stunts 1.0 (which had a much wider circulation through the 90's), many early external editors and modding tools, such as Opponent Blaster, are incompatible with BB 1.1 ; Car Blaster also does not work as smoothly with the newer version in comparison to BB 1.0 .

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