Unskilled Drivers

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A short-lived team founded in 2002 by CTG. Despite of its tiny history, the list of members is suprisingly long: CTG, Cordi MontSerrat, Alan Rotoi (only for ZCT14), Pedro Antonio, Ukyo Katayama and Bolo Yeung - and as a semi-official member, Akoss Poo raced under the flag of Unskilled Drivers in ISA 2002 competition. For the next season, the team was molten in the newly formed Opponent Near.

However, the name 'Unskilled' survived the team - UnskilledStunts and UnskilledStunts League competitions (managed by CTG) are still running.

Selection of drivers

In October 2002, CTG announced a qualification tournament for Unskilled Drivers' racer seats. Not so surprisingly all the participants were his own ghosts, finishing behind him.

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