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team = Meganium Aces High|
team = Meganium Aces High|
firstrace = ZCT14 (May 2002)|
firstrace = ZCT14 (May 2002)|
results = Zakstunts (2021), ISA Competition (2002), Indy Racing Cup (2003), 2x IMSA Cup (1st/2003, 3rd/2004)|
results = Zakstunts (2021), ISA Competition (2002), Indy Racing Cup (2003), IMSA Cup I (2003), IMSA Cup III (2004), France Stunts Championship (2002)|
footnotes = ''as of April 2022''|
footnotes = ''as of April 2022''|

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Alan Rotoi
Nationality: Argentinian
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Born: 1980-11-05
Team: Meganium Aces High
First race: ZCT14 (May 2002)
Championship titles: Zakstunts (2021), ISA Competition (2002), Indy Racing Cup (2003), IMSA Cup I (2003), IMSA Cup III (2004), France Stunts Championship (2002)
as of April 2022

An Argentinian Stunts legend, and probably the best racer ever not to have won a ZakStunts season. Alan Rotoi joined the community as part of the Golden Generation in April 2002 and entered with style: 5th place on ZCT14, 3rd place on ZCT15 and then three consecutive first places on ZCT16, 17 and 18. Alan Rotoi's ZCT16 is one of the most famous replays in existence because, apart from being a breathtaking power gear ride, it was the first one to make crucial and successful use of the Magic Carpet. Rotoi won this track with a 9 second gap to second place. Despite his dominance in the middle part of 2002, Rotoi lost the Zakstunts season to Bonzai Joe, who had been playing from the beginning of the season, and also won the last two tracks. However, Alan struck back to his Danish rival by winning ISA 2002 competition in a tight battle. He defended this Indy / OWOOT title in Indy Racing Cup 2003.

Alan Rotoi continued racing in the top of the scoreboard until early 2004, when another Argentinian racer arrived and took the competitions by storm: Gutix, who gave MeganiuM Aces High, the team founded by Alan in 2002, its first ZakStunts title. MeganiuM would remain a major force in Stunts racing for many years.

In 2003, Alan Rotoi sent shockwaves through the Stunts world by opening the 4dstunts competition, which had more than 60 racers in the first race - easily the highest number of racers one one track ever. This competition showed the potential of Stunts, and although the racers numbers declined from the astronomic beginning, the tournament continued on a high participation level for about a year.

Alan Rotoi remains a key figure in the community. While his racing activity has gone through highs and lows after 2004, he pulled off some strong performances in later years, such as victory at ZCT118 and second places at ZCT85 and ZCT132.

Cars built by Alan Rotoi

Picture Car Flat Speed Max Speed 0-60 mph 0-100 mph
Melange XGT-88 218mph 218mph 3.55s 6.1s
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 192 mph 200 mph 5.5s 11.3s
Chevrolet Silverado Monster Truck 132 mph 133 mph 5.7s 13.5s
Lola Cosworth Indy 234 mph 236 mph 2.55s 4.8s
Packard Eight 119 mph 245 mph 14.1s 29.8s
Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 144mph 212 mph 5.65s 14.15s
Penske Chevrolet Indy 229mph 229 mph 2.6s 4.85s

Under development cars

Picture Car Projected top speed Category Comments
Dodge Monaco Highway Patrol ~169mph Road Car Classic Police Car
IKA Torino GS ~200mph Racing Car Turismo Carretera
Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse ~122mph Road Car Street car
Fiat Spazio ~90mph Road Car Street car
Hummer H1 ~125mph Off-Road
Lightning McQueen ? ? Crazy thing will happen
Ford Falcon Sprint ~200mph Racing Car Turismo Carretera
Chevrolet Chevy SS ~200mph Racing Car Turismo Carretera
Dodge GTX ~200mph Racing Car Turismo Carretera
De Tomaso Pantera ~173mph Road Car Italian brand, Argentinian founder
Chevrolet Impala ? Road Car 1959. One of the iconic American classics.
Plymouth Fury ? Road Car 1958. Do you remember Christine? Ask Stephen King!
Renault 12 ~90mph Road Car A French low cost classic.
Rambler Ambassador ~120mph Road Car 1965. Used for diplomatic purposes.


1. Alan Rotoi chose his nick after his German shepard.

2. He raced in 2004 under the name of "Stunts Oracle" at Zakstunts.

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Alan's legendary ZCT16 winning lap (YouTube)