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The Böff in Stunts culture

The most popular word used by Stunts racers (at least not counting Stunts terms or very common english-language words). It means "burp" in Hungarian, and has the quality of being easy to say while you are actually burping, or böffing, as the case may be. In Danish, it means "steak" - a fact which has been found funny by some Hungarian racers. The word "böff" is featured in one of the more famous verses of The Stunts Song:

"Everybody, everybody's böffing
even Zak, even Zak is böffing"

The fame of böff goes as far as to spamming contests on the forum and the ZakStunts news about who could write the longest böff.

There are many ways to böff, but Akoss Poo, who is considered the best böffer in the Stunts community and has in fact earned the nickname "The Böffmachine" says the best böffs should be "öblös" - a barely translatable metaphorical Hungarian word meaning "coming from a bay" - deep within, roaring through the whole body, taking gravity and depth with it in the sound it makes coming out of the mouth.

The Infinite Böff

At the 2006 WSM, Akoss Poo pronounced the dream of making "an infinite böff", but Zak McKracken pointed out that it would not be possible to make an infinite böff, because it would just be a "bööööööööööööo....". CTG claimed that despite this, it is actually possible to make an infinite böff, theoretically at least. It remains a mathematical paradox to this day.


A nice voice sample from CTG: http://forum.stunts.hu/index.php?topic=48.msg37692#msg37692