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In Stunts, the term chicane refers to the fast chicanes available as a 2x2 stunt element for track building. Although they were intended as a tricky and potentially exhilarating test of high-speed handling, it is not possible to appreciate these traits at their fullest extent due to a rather glaring oversight which makes the "grass" surface around a chicane behave as regular tarmac. For that reason, chicane grass is commonly referred to as fast grass. Fast grass not only makes it much easier to take a chicane, but also allow for some interesting track building tricks. Chicanes are very often employed as wide landing strips for long jumps and as bypasses around slow track combos. Not only grass, but water is also affected by this trait, making the fast grass bug even more relevant. Naturally, in OWOOT (no-shortcutting) competitions none of these exploits are valid, and chicane combos can be trick to drive, and even trickier to land on after a jump.