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Yes, he's everywhere.

Stunts facts about Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris doesn't use magic carpets. He stares at the ground and the ground flees from him in terror.

Chuck Norris wins zakstunts even using OWOOTR rules!

Chuck Norris can do an up/down-corkscrew in ACURA powergear.

Chuck Norris can do Default closed in 30 secs. He just drives over water.

Chuck Norris plays stunts... with mouse steering!

When Chuck Norris hits a stunts element it explodes instead of his car.

Chuck Norris builds his own tracks when he races over other tracks... and wins!

Chuck Norris generates power gear in every car he wants, he just kicks the car and it flies.

When Chuck Norris drives INDY power gear he reaches 246 mph.

Chuck Norris drives any stunts element like boats, trees or bridges.

When Chuck Norris wins a track (always), Joe's opens its doors and he celebrates there.

Nobody knows how looks the front of Chuck Norris car because nobody surpassed him ever.

The track "Norris" crosses a swamp, a volcano, a cannibal tribe and stunts valhalla; its extension is 150x150.

Also Norris track has a unique stunts element called Helen's and it's a cabaret.

Chuck Norris won a race from the main menu.

There is a whole code in the physics of the game to "resist" Chuck Norris kick effects.

Stunts can't save Chuck Norris replays because it can't reproduce his tricks.

Chuck Norris won all the stunts competitions filling the hole podium, we just race for the 4th place.

Ayrton saw Chuck Norris car once in the horizon, he "had" to retire.

Chuck Norris plays Stunts in an Atari 2600.

Chuck Norris doesn't fasten his seatbelt.

Chuck Norris doesn't race to the finish line, it comes to him.

All "bugs" in Stunts are because Chuck Norris designed the physics based on his reality.

Chuck's Countach doesn't slow down.

Chuck Norris can suck his own Indy.


Chuck Norris in Stunts Top Gear, driving a Ford Ranger