Highscore file format

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This article describes the file format of the highscore files used by all versions of Stunts. Each track has its own highscore table, stored in a file which shares the name of the track file; only with .HIG extension instead of .TRK .

Offset Data Type Length Field Name Description
0 CHAR[17] (ASCIIZ) 17 Name Driver's Name, terminated with a NUL Character
17 CHAR[21] (ASCIIZ) 21 Car Driver's Car, terminated with a NUL Character
38 CHAR[4] 4 Unknown Unknown Data is stored Here
42 CHAR[8] (ASCIIZ) 8 Opponent
50 UCHAR[2] 2 Time

The 4th field (Opponent) has the following structure:

Offset Data Type Length Field Name (or constant) Description
0 CHAR[2] 2 Opponent ID
2 CHAR 1 Character '/'
3 CHAR[4] 4 Opponent Car
7 CHAR 1 NUL Character

The size of an entry is 52 bytes. Every highscore file contains exactly 7 Entries = 364 Bytes per File. The 5th field (Time) is expressed in Hundreds of a Second, and is calculated as follows:

   TIME = time [1] * 1280 + time [0] * 5

To convert this time to normal min:sec:hundredths format, use the following calculations (hundr contains the time in hundreds):

    hundreds = (hundr % 100)
    hundr /= 100
    sec = (hundr % 60)
    min = (hundr / 60)