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Special OWOOT Stunts tournament managed by Krys Toff. As the name shows, racers had to you IMSA cars. The cup contained three stages: qualifications (ranking decided about forming groups), group phase (best two racers of ever group is qualified) and knockout phase. Drivers had to compete with certain CPU opponents and had to change cars in every round of the competition (e.g. first week Porsche 962, second week Jaguar XJR).

Overall podium

1 Alan Rotoi


3 Gutix

IMSA Cup results

1st IMSA Cup, May 2003

1 Alan Rotoi


3 Zak McKracken

4 Mingva

2nd IMSA Cup, November 2003

1 Bonzai Joe

2 Akoss Poo

3 Alan Rotoi

4 Gutix

3rd IMSA Cup, June 2004

1 Alan Rotoi


3 Krys Toff

4 Mingva

4th IMSA Cup, February 2005

1 Gutix

2 Dark Chaser

3 Diesel Joe

4 Dottore