Mr. Eriksson

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Mr. Eriksson is a Stunts fan. He has left five cars as a legacy built in early 2000's. They are considered as cheat cars because their exaggerated qualities. They also were built before Stressed tool release so they use the 3d shapes of the original cars.

List of Mr. Eriksson's cars

Picture Car Flat top Speed Max Speed 0-60 mph 0-100 mph Comments
Skoda Felicia Kompressor 245mph 245mph 1.9s 2.6s
Lada Niva Comeback 255mph ? ? ? BIG Turbo V-16 Russian Power
Porsche 911 Turbo 245mph ? ? ? Boxer 6-cyl
Knight Rider 255mph ? ? Super Motor FETT STARK V8 med Femtioelva-cyl
Honda NSX 255mph ? ? ? Fyrh julsdrift 6-cylindrar