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Stunts 1.0 is a PC version of Stunts dated 05 Oct. 1990 and distributed by Broderbund. It is also commonly referred to as BB 1.0. Stunts 1.0 was the first version of the game to be released. During the 90's, before the Internet took over floppy disk transactions as primary means of spreading Stunts, BB 1.0 was by far the most common version (except in countries like France which had the Mindscape 4D Driving 1.1 versions instead). Early modding tools such as Opponent Blaster and Car Blaster were geared towards Stunts 1.0, and even a modified Indycar, the 4D Contest Car was developed for BB 1.0 in order to cancel handicaps in relation to users of other versions. As knowledge about the different versions became more widespread, racers and contests gradually switched to the newer 1.1 versions - specially BB 1.1 - which have better performing cars, some bugfixes (for instance, on tunnel roofs, which are immaterial in BB 1.0) and improved replay controls (fast forwarding and rewinding are excruciatingly slow in Stunts 1.0).

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