The Stunts Song

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"The Stunts Song" (unofficial name) is a song that has evolved during the three WSM's. It began in August 2004, when Dinmor, Zak McKracken, Akoss Poo and Bonzai Joe were waiting in a train in Budapest around midnight. Dinmor was eating an Alpenmilch Ritter Sport, it was melting in Dinmor's hand and looked slightly like shit. Dinmor then sang "shitty shitty, shitty Alpenmilch" to the melody of "Venus In Furs" by Velvet Underground - a song which he had been whistling earlier that day. Slightly later, inspired by Akoss Poo's idea about eating chili beans from a pussy, Dinmor invented the next verse of the song, which went "chili chili, chili beans in pina" ("pina" is a Hungarian word for pussy). This was sung a lot during the 2004 meeting. (It's only a rumour that the first two verses were invented by Akoss Poo.) In 2005, the song exploded into several new variations (after JTK asked Akoss Poo to invent at least two new variations during that WSM, resulted in songs like "firey ass on closet"). JTK had brought his guitar to Århus, and together with Bonzai Joe's piano, this functioned sometimes as accompaniment to what had by then become the Stunts song, or at least the WSM song. The chords had been worked out (they are simply C minor and B flat, although in the original "Venus In Furs" they are different).Heaps of new verses were made, the most famous being: "fisse fotze, foufoune pina pizda" and "Diesel Diesel, Diesel Joe's still drinking". The first referring to what was on Akoss and Krys's minds, and the second referring to Diesel Joe's seemingly infinite liver. With the "Diesel Diesel..." verse, another aspect of the song developed: the storytelling aspect. The racers would sing (always with the same melody) different verses about Diesel Joe, and then use "but Diesel Diesel, Diesel Joe's still drinking" as the refrain. Some of the other verses were "Diesel Diesel, Diesel Joe will vomit", "Diesel Diesel, Diesel Joe will pass out", etc. Another year passed, then the WSM 2006 came, and once again, several new verses were made. On the trip to Kazincbarcika, in the night in the pavillion of Akoss Poo's father's garden, Dinmor, Bonzai Joe and Akoss Poo sang The Stunts Song for the last time yet, inventing a new variation: a verse would be song (to guitar accompaniment) 4 times. The first 2 normally, then going completely crazy shouting, dragging the beats and making syncopations and preferably vocal harmonies the third time, and finishing off quietly the 4th time. This was much to the distress of Zak and Usrin, who were trying to sleep only a few meters away.

The most famous verse still remains: "chili chili, chili beans in pina".


MIDI file of Stunts Song made by Diesel Joe: