Unskilled Drivers

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A short-lived team founded in 2002 by CTG. Despite of its tiny history, the list of members is suprisingly long: CTG, Cordi MontSerrat, Alan Rotoi (only for ZCT14), Pedro Antonio, Ukyo Katayama and Bolo Yeung - and as semi-official members, Akoss Poo in 2002 and Juank23 in 2003 raced under the flag of Unskilled Drivers in ISA/IRC competitions. For the next season, the team was molten in the newly formed Opponent Near.

However, the name 'Unskilled' survived the team - UnskilledStunts and UnskilledStunts League competitions (managed by CTG) are still running.

Selection of drivers

In October 2002, CTG announced a qualification tournament for Unskilled Drivers' racer seats. Not so surprisingly all the participants were his own ghosts, finishing behind him.