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On VGA settings, Stunts runs at an internal resolution of 320x200, typical of VGA Mode 13h. 320x200 is a non-standard aspect ratio (horizontal:vertical ratio 8:5, as opposed to the regular 4:3), and thus images are effectively stretched vertically by a factor of 6:5 in order to fit the 4:3 ratio before being displayed. DOSBox users should be aware that unless the aspect=true setting under the [render] section of dosbox.conf is present the adjustment may not be done, leading to inconsistent length:width ratios for 3D models and vertically shorter dimensions for both 3D objects and bitmaps. Modders should also account for aspect ratio adjustments, since bitmaps and 3D shapes should be designed taking in account the stretch - that is, vertical dimensions be input reduced by a factor of 5:6 in relation to the desired results. stressed applies the 6:5 correction on its preview window for 3D models, but not for bitmaps.