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Welcome to the Stunts Wiki!

The purpose of the Stunts Wiki is to gather all existing information about the most wonderful game, Stunts, at one place. At this moment this Wiki is mostly useful for racers and those who know the game, but of course it'd be nice to extend it so that complete newcomers can also learn everything about this game. Please feel free to add your content, or edit the previous ones. The usage of the editor is pretty straightfoward - took me 2 minutes to learn, so it shouldn't require more from you too. I give some help too: Editing help

You can begin browsing by clicking on any of the following categories. Main categories are highlighted in bold; the links in regular font point to some of the key subcategories. And remember: Fasten Your Seatbelt!

Game information and versions - Game modification reference - Modding tools

Downloading the game

Driving, tricks and cars - List of cars (original and custom)

Tracks and track/terrain editors

Competitions and related stuff - List of competitions

Community related info - Racer profiles - Team profiles

Stunts internals and research

Everything else

To control spam, editing is restricted to users trusted by the Stunts community. If you want to become a contributor, contact Duplode through the Stunts Forum to request access.