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DOS Game Club website as of June 2023

DOS Game Club is an online community dedicated to classic DOS games and offering a podcast and a forum. Every month, they focus on one game, trying it and discussing about it and engaging in activities that can help them get to know the game well and getting in touch with people who may have been involved in its development or otherwise related to it. At the end of the month, they record a round-table podcast. The community is based on

The Club has been active since at least March 2017, when they featured their first game: Doom. In June 2023, the game chosen for focus was Stunts, which led to an encounter between them and our community.

Contact between the communities

In May 2023, some DOS Game Club members began registering in ZakStunts and Race For Kicks. The ZakStunts shoutbox welcomed them to ZCT262 - Coastal Revenge, while Race For Kicks was happy to receive the newcomers for 2023-06 - Tina Turner. Joining our scoreboards were Tijn, Spoonboy and DJ_HiP. They soon told us they were coming from DOS Game Club because Stunts would be the star of the following month. Some Stunts community members, like Cas and Marco joined their forum and began participating there too.

Stunts Leaderboard

The Club opened a Stunts Leaderboard at on 10 June 2023, with some tracks with a free-style rule set by strictly forbidding replay handling. On 20 June, Cas uploaded 4:00am to the Leaderboard. A week later, the 27th of June, Tijn confirmed that the Leaderboard would remain open the following month, once the Club changes focus towards another DOS game. This signifies the establishment of a new permanent competition in the online Stunts community!


After a few months from initial contact, the Club scheduled their podcast on Stunts for the 24th of August 2023. Invitations were extended to the Stunts community to participate either by joining the podcast, or by sending a short voice message. In the end, Cas and KyLiE were present for the podcast recording, which started at noon UTC and took over three hours. Overdrijf had the intention to be there too, but was unable to. No voice messages were issues. Other DGC members present where the hosts Tijn and rnlf (Florian) as well as Spoonboy and DJ_HiP. While the talk was long, there was so much to say that it could've easily taken even longer. The podcast was finally made available on the site on the 13th of September the same year. It can be listened to here.