Acura NSX

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Acura NSX
Designer: Original car
Released: 1990
Game version: All
Engine specs: DOHC V-6, 3000cc
Torque peak at: not verified
Max horsepower (est.): 270HP
Transmission: 5-speed
0-60mph: 5.3s
0-100mph: 12.8s
Half mile: 21.60s
Flat track top speed: 173mph
Real top speed : 203mph
Performance data refers to BB 1.1 version unless the car is for 1.0 versions only.

The Acura NSX, usually referred to as "Acura" or "NSX", is one of the eleven cars originally included in Stunts. On flat track, the NSX is somewhat faster than Audi and other comparable cars, but this advantage is offset by the rather difficult handling. The closest match to the Acura would thus be the Corvette ZR1, in spite of that car being significantly faster than it. The Acura would thus be a rather ordinary car; however, it is set apart from the other slow cars by possessing flexible powergear, in many regards similar to the one observed in Indy. The characteristics of NSX powegear are, however, significantly different than those found in other original cars. Not only reaching powergear in loops is trivial, as for other flexible PG cars, but also the speed needed for triggering powergear can be as low as 140mph. On the other hand, the low overall top speed of NSX (203mph) limits the speed attainable by powergear, and also modifies the sliding behaviour of the car enough to make slide turns in powergear, a key element of driving technique for other PG cars, virtually impossible. Therefore, while Acura has what is arguably the easiest to reach powergear, it is also the less powerful one from a racer perspective. The tricky flat-track handling of NSX coupled to the unusual features of its powergear make its driving technique complex, demanding multiple skills from the racer simultaneously. One illustration of this aspect of NSX is the Helicopter trick, an advanced technique specific to NSX which can be employed as a way to partially cover for the inability of pulling off powergear slides.

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