Roy Wiegerinck

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Dutch racer, first champion of ZakStunts - a true icon of Stunts racing. Roy Wiegerinck started his carreer on the 2001 Kalpen Competition, where he would very soon be fighting for the top positions. Kalpen's 2001 edition was eventually cancelled mid-season, but that didn't bring Roy down, as he was, from May onwards, dominating the then fresh new ZakStunts championship, eventually claiming the season title with four race wins. Paired up with Ben Snel on the Flying Dutchmen team, Roy achieved another five race wins in 2002. But halfway through the season, just as the newbies of the Golden Generation started to mount a serious challenge to his dominance, Roy's career saw an abrupt end - allegedly due to "woman affairs". Nevertheless, his record of eleven ZakStunts race victories stood for several years, until Ayrton had his perfect season in 2008. That was not the end of his story, though: Roy made a surprising, much-cherished comeback in 2009, from Z98 onwards, now racing under the alias Reiger. Even more surprisingly, he revived his own championship, WMCS, which was started up and eventually aborted in 2002.