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No Time Travel as of 31 May 2023

No Time Travel is a competition created and run by Daniel3D and Alan Rotoi. It made its debut on 14 April 2023 under the name NoRH This Time. The concept is that of a fully free-style rule set with the caveat that replay handling cannot be used. To enforce this, the original code has been modded by Daniel3D, disabling the Continue Driving option and introducing fundamental engine differences that make replays incompatible between the modded version and the original, thus forcing racers to use the mod. Typically, a single car is featured for every race.

For an earlier attempt at enforcing the ban on replay handling, see Vizcacha.

Like is the case of Custom Car Championship, the website is based on EasyTour by Cas, with modifications made by Duplode and Daniel3D himself and is hosted by KyLiE, in this case, at