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The game named Stunts is a creation of Distinctive Software studio, authors of Test Drive and Test Drive 2 before. A number of different versions of the game were published and are still circulating.

PC versions

There are several gameplay differences between these versions; the principal ones are summarized below:

  • Crashes when landing from jumps happen very often in BB 1.0 and MS 1.1 (1990 one), as the maximum angle allowed for hitting the ground without crashing was much smaller.
  • Unlike on the various 1.1 versions, with BB 1.0 it is generally not possible to gain speed when landing from jumps - as you hit the ground, the horizontal velocity of the car will remain unchanged. That makes an enormous difference in car behaviour, specially for the slow cars, and also means it becomes virtually impossible to reach powergear with Ferrari and Corvette.
  • Some track elements characteristics also change. For instance, tunnel roofs are completely penetrable in BB 1.0, and while it is possible to land on them with MS 1.1 versions, you will often be spared from a crash when hitting them from below.
  • There are also minor performance and handling differences. Overall, cars are slowest in BB 1.0 and fastest in BB 1.1.

All these differences cause replays performed with different game versions incompatible regardless of the tracks being exchangeable, as the game engine will process the input stored in the replay file differently for each version.

The most used version in competitions nowadays is Stunts BB 1.1. At the dawn of Stunts competitions (1998-2000), however, it was Stunts BB 1.0 that was most popular. When the user share of Stunts BB 1.1 began to grow, a cheated car named Contest Car was created by Lukas Loehrer to allow Stunts 1.0 users be as fast as 1.1 users, because Indy car is slightly faster in BB/MS 1.1 versions than in BB 1.0 version.

According to the countries, Mindscape or Broderbund had the contract for selling the game. In USA, Germany and Eastern Europe the publisher was Broderbund; in France, U.K. and Belgium it was Mindscape. Overall, Broderbund versions are much more well known worldwide.

Amiga version

It seems that only publisher for Amiga was Mindscape; therefore, the game was published under the name 4D Sports Driving.
Only one version was available : it was version was 1.2, converted to Amiga from PC version.
This version has less bugs than PC versions.

FM Towns version

Stunts was also adapted to FM Towns computers.

Title screen of FM Towns version 1.0

FM Towns/Marty computers were i386 CPU-based computers NOT compatible with classic IBM-compatible PCs, made by Fujitsu (FM meaning Fujitsu Micro) and sold only in Japan. A console FM Towns, compatible with FM Towns/Marty computers, was also created.

The editor for this version was Electronic Arts (E.A.) - Victor, as Distinctive Software has been bought by E.A. in 1991 to become E.A. Canada.
This version was also converted from PC, and with less bugs than PC versions.

As name "Stunts" was property of Brøderbund and "4D Sports" name was property of Mindscape, the game was released as "4D Driving" (to remember 4D Sports - Driving name that was already known in Japan due to Amiga version of the game).

PC-9801 version

Title screen of PC-9801 version 1.0

Another Japanese port was made for the NEC PC-9801. It was produced by the same team as the FM Towns version and the two ports shared graphics and new opponents. Due to hardware limitations this version had fewer colors and the music were synthesized. Otherwise, it is quite similar to the FM Towns version.

Other versions

Kevin Pickell mentioned, in an Wikipedia edit of the Stunts article, that a Sega Genesis (AKA Mega Drive) version was planned and realized, but the port never made it to the stores as it was not possible to make it work at an acceptable frame rate.

Comparison of game versions

General information

BB 1990 MS 1990 BB 1991 MS 1991 MS Amiga EA FM Towns EA PC-9801
Release title Stunts 4D Sports Driving Stunts 4D Sports Driving 4D Sports Driving 4D Driving 4D Driving
Version number 1.0 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.2 1.0 1.0
Build date 05 Oct. 1990 13 Dec. 1990 12 Feb. 1991 25 Feb. 1991 10 Jan. 1992 18 Jan. 1993 18 Jan. 1993
Publisher Broderbund Mindscape Broderbund Mindscape Mindscape Electronic Arts Victor Electronic Arts Victor


BB 1990 MS 1990 BB 1991 MS 1991 MS Amiga EA FM Towns EA PC-9801
Jump boost No Yes Yes Yes ? ? Yes
Power gear Flexible (Indy/Acura) Yes Yes Yes ? No No
Aero slowdown bug Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ? No
Easy sharp drops No No Yes Yes ? ? Yes
Penetrable tunnel roofs Yes Partially No No ? No No
Left corner bias No No Yes Yes ? Yes Yes
Instant finish bug Yes Yes Nontrivial Nontrivial ? ? Nontrivial
Faster Indy No Yes Yes Yes ? ? ?
Jump boost
Holding the accelerator while on air gives some extra speed upon landing.
Aero slowdown bug
Cars not in the bug-free PG class can't be slowed down by aerodynamic resistance when above the flat track top speed.
Easy sharp drops
It is possible to land from jumps in angles much closer to vertical without crashing.
Penetrable tunnel roofs
Tunnel roofs can't be crashed into from below and, on BB 1990, can't be landed on.
Left corner bias
Left turns can be taken at higher speeds than right ones.
Instant finish bug
The lap can be terminated abruptly by driving on a split placed as the first track element.


BB 1990 MS 1990 BB 1991 MS 1991 MS Amiga EA FM Towns EA PC-9801
Fast rewinding No Yes Yes Yes ? ? Yes
Terrain editor Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ? No
HERROTTO.TRK No No No No ? Yes Yes
Tournament mode No No No No ? Yes Yes
Replay File Type Old Format Old Format New Format New Format New Format New Format New Format

Recompiled Versions

These versions are build from a decompiled version of Brøderbund Stunts 1.1 (12 Feb. 1991).

Release title Stunts 1.1 Mod 1.0 Stunts Ferrari Edition STUNTS NoRH
Project number 4 5 6
DESC Latest 4.31.1 Latest 5.31.1 6.33.0
Build date 21 sept. 2021 21 sept. 2021 20 March 2023
Publisher Stunts Community Stunts Community Stunts Community
reverse compatible BB 1.1 Yes Yes No
Alternate graphics No Yes Yes
Alternate music No Yes No
Alternative Cars No Yes No
Alternative tracks No Yes No
Repositioned menu buttons No Yes Yes
Alternate default car No Yes Yes
Colour needles mod since 31.1 since 31.1 Yes

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