Renato Biker

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Brazilian superstar racer. Around Christmas 2005, Renato had a meteoric debut at ZakStunts, conquering a third place in season closer Z58 in a matter of days. Realizing the obvious potential, Alain immediately signed him to Orion (a little bit like the Schumacher/Briatore deal in 1991?). Predictably, Renato became a major force in ZakStunts 2006, wading his way past loads of (also predictable) flaming and eventually winning the championship as well as leading Orion on its the path to the team trophy that season. After the title, Renato took a long break, only returning for the four final races 2009... and getting two victories and two second places out of them. He has remained a major force at ZakStunts scoreboards ever since. On his comeback, Renato joined the Orion revival team Average Joe; later, he moved to nascent Yellow Fleas at the beginning of the 2013 season.