Yellow Fleas

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The Yellow Fleas are a team founded in 2013 by Friker, runner-up of the 2012 ZakStunts season. Its original lineup featured, besides the founder himself, are ADPunk, dreadnaut and the 2006 ZakStunts champion Renato Biker, drafted away from Average Joe in a massive coup for the newly-formed team. The Yellow Fleas had a very strong début year, with Renato winning the 2013 ZakStunts title and the team as a whole ending up second to Looping Warriors by a gap of only nine points.
After a more subdued 2014, the team entered a hiatus in 2015, as dreadnaut moved to MeganiuM Aces High and the other racers became inactive. Nevertheless, they became active again in 2016, bringing the team to the title.
But the glory endured only a year: in 2017 they basically returned to inactivity, with the team ending up third only thanks to dreadnaut. Since he moved to Rolling Stunts from 2018 onwards, the team did not participate thereafter.