Rolling Stunts

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Rolling Stunts
Established: 2016
Current members:
Past members:
* : Founding member.
† : Registered for ZakStunts season 2024.

Rolling Stunts is a Stunts team. As of 2024, its members are afullo, Argammon, Cas, Daniel3D and KyLiE.


The team was founded in 2016 by afullo and dosbox92, two Italian racers. The former one has been champion of the newbie league in 2014 while racing for Damage Inc., and has confirmed his affiliation for that team in 2015, while the latter one was new of the community.

The first two years were not so much glorious: in two seasons where 5 teams took part to the team competition, Rolling Stunts finished last in 2016 and fourth in 2017. But at the dawn of 2018 several facts happened: afullo decided to start playing more seriously, after a season in which he submitted only a not-so-elaborated lap per race; a new Italian racer, Imperas, had emerged from the crowd during the previous summer with several promising results, and was interested in joining a team; the Yellow Fleas had basically had only dreadnaut as an active member for the majority of the previous year, so he started to have interest in changing affiliation to a team with active racers.

So in 2018 the team competed with afullo, dosbox92, dreadnaut and Imperas as members, and the results were largely unexpected: Rolling Stunts won the team competition, ahead of Cork's Crew and Slowdrive, by winning also six races. It had been noteworthy that all the four racers brought points to the team, having everyone of them placed at least once as the first or the second racer of the squad, by being also in one of the first 12 positions overall, and that they were all from the same nation: Italy.

The year 2019 saw some changes. Apart from the previous observations, dosbox92 and Imperas played only one race out of 12 in the whole year, respectively the tenth and the first, so the team restarted without them; instead, German racer Seeker1982, champion of newbie league in 2018, joined it, by being also the first non-Italian to do so. The team won again the first two races of the season, but later started to lose to Cork's Crew, with the tandem Duplode-Overdrijf gaining the upper hand in the majority of the following tracks. Rolling Stunts ended the season in second place, behind them, but not before winning other three races during the year, one of which tied with the champions.

The year 2020 started and ended with the very same members, by placing again second in the team championship, behind Cork's Crew, after winning four races, two of which tied with the champions.

The team saw significant changes in season 2021. After ending the previous season, it became clear that afullo would be the only remaining member of the team so he called for new members. KyLiE and Daniel3D, who were not in a team at that time, decided to join and Cas moved in from Slowdrive. The team obtained again the second place in the team championship, still won by Cork's Crew, but without winning any race.

With the same roster, the team arrived third in 2022, behind the new team Doubleplusspeed that won the yearly championship in its very first year of existence, and again Cork's Crew. As in the previous season, Rolling Stunts was unable to win any race.

The 2023 saw the arrival of Argammon, who led the team to its second title, with ten races won, two of which tied with Doubleplusspeed, that year the second place finishers. The German driver achieved also the individual title as a racer, being the first one in the history of Rolling Stunts to obtain so.