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Basic Info

Cork's Crew is a Stunts Team led by the mysterious leader know as Cork, and the team members are not called racers here, but followers. Followers of Cork. Cork's Crew is not a democratic institution. Followers act according to the directives of their master and in exchange enjoy benefits, which other drivers can't even dream of. Master Cork is involved in various other activities, so prefers to stay in the background, leaving only his directives and moderate freedom of act for those, who believe in him.


One of the oldest Stunts teams in existence. Cork's Crew was brought to life in 2002 by founding members after the directive of their chosen master, Cork: Bonzai Joe and Zak McKracken. The team won ZakStunts Team Championship in the year of its birth (both the team and the championship).

In 2003 the team expanded with two new racers, Argammon, who transferred from Orion and satanziege, a talented newbie. Despite all the efforts, the team only finished third by a very little margin, after Orion and Opponent Near.

The team continued it's battle in the same formation during 2004, and came second after MeganiuM Aces High. In 2005 the position and the team overtaking us was the same, the only difference was a new member, CTG, who transferred from Damage Inc., but left the team quite early due to some stress between him and other members.

In 2006 CTG's place was filled with another newbie, Mislav. This year we have seen a fierce team battle again, and Cork's Crew only finished third on the scoreboard, not being able to achieve its previous glory.

In 2007 teams were falling apart, and Cork's Crew was facing major problems as well. Only two active racers remained - the two founders (and Cork of course), but Zak skipped 3 tracks, Bonzai Joe nearly the whole season, so the weak result was no surprise to anyone.

After a year long break in the team championship at ZakStunts, in 2009 several teams returned, and many news were formed. Cork's Crew was also back on the racetrack, and by recruiting a top driver, Duplode as a member. He would eventually take that year's title, while the combined efforts of the three racers would bring the team championship to Cork by a wide margin.

Results-wise, 2010 was a somewhat less successful year for Cork's Crew, with all of its racers taking a sabbatical at one point or another. On the bright side, the long-vacant fourth seat was finally filled by Overdrijf a talented racer of the "new generation" of 2009.

In the rest of the 2010s, the team won again the championship in 2012 and 2019, by placing second in 2011 and in every year of the period 2014-2018.


Cork's Crew is known for a very vibrant and active team life. The active use of the team subforum at the Stunts Forum characterizes the team, and most of the internal communication also takes place here. Replays are shared continusly throughout each race, allowing each member to further improve their skills.