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The Stunts Forum, maintained by Zak McKracken, is the main discussion forum of the community, and the easiest place to meet racers, ask questions or join any discussion about the game. Since its inception on 15 January 2002 (to be verified, as this is the date of the first post found), the forum has been the de facto centre that connects most efforts regarding the online Stunts community and unites different tournaments and websites dedicated to Stunts.

Forum ranks

Posts Rank
0-9 Newbie
10-24 Stunts Fan
25-49 Stunts Addict
50-99 Stunts Maniac
100-149 Stunts Expert
150-199 Stunts Master
200-299 Bernie's Brother
300-399 Otto's Student
400-499 Joe's Friend
500-599 Cherry's Chaser
600-699 Helen's Lover
700-799 Skid's Nightmare
800-899 Master of Opponents
900-999 Friend of Oracle
1000-1099 Corkscrew Cad
1100-1199 Straight Specialist
1200-1299 Corner Controller
1300-1399 Tunnel Twister
1400-1499 Highway Horror
1500-1599 Chicane Checker
1600-1699 Pipe pupil
1700-1799 Slalom Shocker
1800-1899 Bridge Bandit
1900-1999 Loop Lad
2000-2099 ???
2100-2199 ???
2200-2299 Inline 16V
2300-2399 ???
2400-2499 ???
2500-2599 Drinks Stunts
2600-2699 Eats Stunts
2700-2799 Breaths Stunts
2800-2899 Lives on Stunts
2900-2999 Makes love with Stunts
3000-3099 Smelling spam in the air
3100-3199 Feeling spam nearby
3200-3299 Recognising intense spam presence
3300-3399 Getting intrested in spam
3400-3499 Considering trying out spam
3500-3599 Having a friend having spam
3600-3699 Trying spam for the first time
3700-3799 Having spam for the second time
3800-3899 Regularly spamming
3900-3999 Having only spam addict friends
4000-4999 Addicted to spam
5000-5999 Spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon and spam*
  • CTG, as the main spammer of Stunts Forum, was excluded from the ordinary ranking system. His special ranks are 'Spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon and spam' between 5000 and 10000, 'BÖFF!' over 10000 messages.

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