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dreadnaut is an Italian racer who joined the community in October 2012, during ZCT135. dreadnaut gradually established himself as a regular contender for podiums, and also as an Indy specialist, winning ZCT194 (September 2017) and ZCT210 (January 2019) with that car.

dreadnaut also earned recognition through technical contributions, beginning with the online track viewer now deployed by the Southern Cross site. After spearheading the 2014 design update of the ZakStunts site, he progressively became more involved with the management aspects of the competition, becoming, around late 2017 and with the blessings of Zak McKracken, the lead coordinator of the day-to-day activities in ZakStunts.

Team affiliation

dreadnaut was a founding member of the Yellow Fleas team, under which it raced for two spells, 2013-2014 and 2016-2017. During the 2015 season he was a member of MeganiuM Aces High. From 2018 to 2020 he joined Rolling Stunts, two years after its foundation by afullo and dosbox92.