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Slovak racer who had his début at the first ZakStunts 2009 race, immediately causing a sensation with a fourth place in a large and competitive racing field. Arguably the strongest newbie of the early years of all-cars ZakStunts, Friker had a number of solid performances in the rest of 2009, even fighting for LTB in Z97. Even though his participation rate winded down towards the end of the season, he dominated the ZakStunts newbie league, and achieved a 7th place overall. Afer spending two years away from competition, Friker returned to ZakStunts in 2012 racing at just as a high level as in his early races, achieving the third place on the podium and +2 LTB with a high margin on ZCT128, and closing the year with his début victory at ZCT137 and a second place overall in the season.

Friker was also one of the founders of the 2009 all-newbie team Crashper's Domination. In 2013, he formed a new team with dreadnaut called Yellow Fleas.