Crashper's Domination

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An all-newbie team founded by Overdrijf at ZakStunts season 2009, with the other original members being Friker, Ice and HTE. With obviously talented racers despite the lack of experience, Crashper's displayed great potential over the first half of 2009, with even a third place on overall team championship sounding realistic. Unfortunately, the efforts of the team were crippled by lack of time to race, and so it slid down to a distant fifth place, failing to score points over the final five races of the season. With Overdrijf eventually joining Cork's Crew and the other members inactive throughout 2010, Crashper's vanished silently.

The reason for the peculiar name of the team was, in the words of Friker, "because we are all ghosts". Crashper would make a guest appearance in the Overdrijf-designed Superkart.