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World Stunts Championship website as of 2009

The World Stunts Championship (WSC for short) was an OWOOT, Argentina-based international competition started and managed by Paleke from 2004. It started to develop in La Cueva de los Clásicos forum and had its own website later on. As of the beginning of 2008 it was the sole active OWOOT contest; however it entered indefinite hiatus halfway through that year's season.

The only car allowed for all races in WSC was Porsche March Indy. Yet, it was permitted to use either Stunts 1.0 or Brøderbund 1.1. A number of rules were less than strict in the tournament. While at its time, it was simply described as OWOOT, it fits much better in the free OWOOT than in the strict OWOOT set of rules. For example, driving on top of a tunnel was OK. In version 1.0, the top of the tunnel is passable, so crashing against it was impossible, thus, it makes sense to allow this for version 1.1. Skipping a slalom was allowed as long as the car remained OWOOT at all times.

Season Podiums

Season 2004
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Ayrton Meganium Aces High 44
2 Krys Toff Damage Inc 36
3 Gutix Meganium Aces High 36
Season 2005
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Ayrton Meganium Aces High 86
2 Gutix Meganium Aces High 70
3 Krys Toff Damage Inc 60
Season 2006
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Ayrton Meganium Aces High 78
2 Mark L. Rivers no team 70
3 Krys Toff Damage Inc 60
Season 2007
Rank Racer Team Points
1 Mark L. Rivers no team 139
2 Krys Toff Damage Inc 109
3 Duplode no team 107


The tournament rules as established in the WSC website appear to define a form of strict OWOOT with a few exceptions. However, watching the replays accepted during the course of the championship, it becomes clear that it is better defined as free OWOOT. The website explicitly defines the following:

  • The version of Stunts to be used is Broderbund 1.1 (in earlier seasons, 1.0 was allowed as well)
  • The championship consists of 10 tracks, most made by [Paleke]. Anybody who so wishes may send their tracks to [him] providing name and car to be used and those that [he happens] to like will be used throughout the season
  • Race duration will be approximately four weeks. They will usually begin on a Saturday or Sunday and will end on the last Friday before the fourth weekend [after they started]. The last day of the race will be announced once the race is started
  • Unless something else is specified, the car to be used will be the Porsche March Indy that comes with the game
  • Under no circumstance is it allowed to modify the car or tracks
  • One wheel must be on the road at all times. Besides, the yellow lines are to be followed all the time. This means that it is not allowed to take any kind of shortcuts
  • It is considered to be "road": the road itself (with all its obstacles), the corner rumble strips, the sloped road side bars, tunnel walls and the central boulevard space
  • Tricks that go against any of the above (such as driving through objects) are not allowed

In replays, it can also be seen that it is allowed to overfly any stunt. Also, skipping a slalom is actually permitted provided that the racer remains OWOOT; in other words, they can pass them by the side while still barely on the road. As regards the sending of replays, Paleke says:

  • Replays must be sent to:
  • Every racer must make their lap public via SSEHPTC up to 24 hours after sending the replay (and vice-versa)
  • The replay that will be valid in the highscore table is the last one sent, regardless of any penalties it should receive
  • At the end of each race, the month's top five replays will be available for download
  • Quiet days: the last two days of the race, any racer may send a replay via e-mail and opt for its lap not being made public. It is required, to be able to use this system, to have already posted a public lap via SSEHPTC before the beginning of the quiet days

Scoring System

In each race, WSC assigned racers points according to their final scoreboard position as follows:

  • 1st - 15 points
  • 2nd - 12 points
  • 3rd - 10 points
  • 4th - 9 points

(and so on till...)

  • 12th - 1 point

Nothing is said about positions after the 12th, but almost for certain, there were never more than 12 racers in a WSC race. Paleke also adds that if two laps are equal, they share a position and, as a consequence, receive the same number of points. He says that in case of ties, the winner will be chosen based on best position in previous races in order (that is, most 1st positions, then most 2nd positions, and so on).

Track Design Contest

Around May 2006, a track design contest was held. Each racer could post one or more tracks. Later, all racers would vote for their two favourite tracks that weren't their own and the (about four) tracks with the most votes would be used for racing the following months.

Some tracks that participated were:

  • 4:00am (by Cas - won)
  • Aburaf72 (by AbuRaf70 - did not win)
  • Acacia Avenue (probably by Gutix - did not win)
  • Bermudas (by Cas - did not win)
  • Canyon (did not win)
  • Chicane (by Cas - did not win)
  • EDR (by EdR - did not win)
  • El Pinar (did not win)
  • John Doe (did not win)
  • Nach1 (by Nach - won)
  • Nach2 (by Nach - did not win)
  • Nach3 (by Nach - did not win)
  • Nach4 (by Nach - did not win)
  • Nach5 (by Nach - did not win)
  • NEO (did not win)
  • Olimpic (did not win)
  • RITMO (did not win)
  • Salvaje (by Cas - did not win)
  • Sprinter (if it was part of the contest, then it won)

External Links

Both the website and the forum are permanently offline as of 2020, but the website is accesible via [The Wayback Machine]