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Nationality: Argentinean
Location: Rafaela, Argentina
Born: 14 January 1934
Team: MeganiuM Aces High
First race: Rivendel, July 2004
Championship titles: none

Argentinian racer, member of MeganiuM Aces High, AbuRaf70 or simply "AbuRaf" (also known by his real name Anelio) was a well-liked member of the community, known for his enthusiastic and steady participation throughout the races. He also had a number of solid results, including a race victory on Geometry, the third round of SDR 2007 RH contest. His debut in online competitions was in 4dsL Rivendel track along with his son, SergioBaro and his grandson Veloz.

Having joined the Stunts community at the age of 70 (hence, his nickname) and active all the time for 13 years until his death at 83 years of age on 21 January 2017, AbuRaf is one of the most iconic characters in Stunts history, if not the most. Upon his death, a series of tributes followed from the community, including special tracks and races.