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Nationality: Brasilian
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Born: 1988-06-10
Team: Cork's Crew
First race: ZCT76 (June 2007)
Championship titles: 3x ZakStunts (2009, 2011, 2012); 2x UnskilledStunts (2008/09, 2011); JACStunts Brasil (2008), International Stunts Master (2011), Feel The Thrill (2008), Stunts LOL Classics (2015)
as of October 2015

Brazilian racer (debuted in 2007), and absolute talent in RH and noRH racing. He started very soon to show his great skill obtaining in the first 18 months 10 wins and almost 40 podiums, reaching the 2nd place overall in ZakStunts 2008 season behind Ayrton. In the same period, Duplode got almost 20 wins in noRH races and, above all, the FTT 2008 title that he won domaining on the world strongest specialists. He reached the vertex of the Stunts world in 2009 winning the USC championship and, above all, towering the ZakStunts championship with 5 wins and 10 podium. His palmares includes also the 1st place at the International Stunts Master (ISM) 2011. In 2015, Duplode won the Stunts LOL Classics, with 4 victories and 17 best track laps in 6 races and 26 tracks. He's a very active member of current Stunts social life, applying also his technical and mathematical knowledges to discover and analyse as much as possible about Stunts features, an inclination that lead him to create the appreciated custom car Nissan Skyline (December 2008). Duplode is member of Cork's Crew team (first joining for him) starting from January 2009. He also launched his competition, The Southern Cross Stunts Trophy, on the second semester of 2009.

List of Duplode's cars

Picture Car Flat Speed Max Speed 0-60 mph 0-100 mph
LWT-ZR1 GTC Mark I 198mph 236mph 3.4s 8.05mph
LWTZR1GT3Mark II.png
LWT-ZR1 GT3 Mark II 208mph 243mph 3.3s 7.2s
Nissan Skyline 173mph 199mph 4.8s 12.2s