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A talented Canadian racer, regular participant of ISA and IRC competitions (2002-2003). He joined Meganium Aces High the October 25th of 2002 at his 17 with 9 years of experience in Stunts.

He wrote about his background: "A while back, when I began to watch for stunts... I found, by accident, the wmcs(something like that) competition.. For me, I tried to get the time that everybody get... and I was not able to... to the day I discovered that everybody were using a thing called "replay handling" (what I thought: "damn, they suck!"). And then.. I discovered the isa competition.. and decided to give it a try.. not bad! (imagine... all the time that I was using replay handling, I was always restarting my driving at the END of my replay.. I didnt know that we can start it where we want, a lots of troubles disapear! and I just discovered that for the last track that I drive on before the summer break of isa). It's a little bit too "complicated" for me to began to search for shortcuts... follow the road, easier! For those who are wondering how I got those time... drive for hours... that's the only solution."

Also he was an expert in live racing.


"pArAnO is a pOtAtO!", said Argammon in the Stunts chatroom (16th February 2004).