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Indy Racing Cup is the second season of ISA competition managed by Mingva. The competition inherited the scoreboard, the spirit, schedule and rules. There were minor updates in the rules making them more strict but maintained the "OWOOTR" rules. More changes were the hosting and site design.

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IRC Rules

  • Only "Stunts v.1.1" is allowed;
  • The competition is open to all persons. New racers should write some personal information (nickname, nation, team name) by sending their first replay;
  • Racers may form new teams or join to existing. Racers number per team is unlimited but it's not recommended teams with more than 3 members;
  • All racers must drive with original Porsche March Indy car on the given month track. No modifications on the car and/or track are allowed;
  • At least one wheel allways should be on/over the road. It means that shortcuts aren't allowed;
  • It is necessary to drive all the distance of the loop and corkscrews. It means that neither loop jumps nor driving on one side of corkscrew left/right are allowed;
  • Using bugs is not allowed. For example, bugs are driving through an obstacle like a loop, wall or a beton-block;
  • Breaking the rules will cause the disqualification or penalty time;
  • Each event generally starts on 16th day of the month (00:00 GMT) and ends on 15th (21:00 GMT);
  • The last five days of a month are quiet days. All received replays on those days won't be shown on the scoreboard until the end of the event;
  • After each event the best 8 racers will gain points according to their times. Point system is 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1;
  • One bonus point is awarded to the racer (as well as team and nation) that leads the most on the scoreboard. Counting starts from 16th day of the month and ends with quiet days;
  • Winners will receive awards after the closure of 2003 season.

ISA/IRC Medal table

Rank Racer 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Alan Rotoi 9 2 2
2 Bonzai Joe 3 3 3
3 Akoss Poo 2 6 1
4 CAP 2 2 0
4 Alain 2 2 0
6 Roy Wiegerinck 1 2 0
6 Tsino 1 2 0
8 pArAnO 0 4 4
9 Ben Snel 0 1 0
9 CTG 0 1 0
11 Zak McKracken 0 0 3
11 Pershing II 0 0 2

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