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French racer who joined in 2002, being a member of the golden generation of Stunts, champion of ZakStunts 2003 season and one of the most influential Stunts racers ever. His driving style was reputed for pushing the concept of RH optimization to its outer boundaries, at times with incredible results. Additionaly, he was co-founder (alongside with Mingva) of the famous Orion team. Alain was also known for his idiosyncratic style of posting and provocative comments that were often trigger for controversy and flamewars - one particularly extended argument was the one involving his former Orion teammate Argammon. After overseeing the victory of 2006 ZakStunts title by his Orion "pupil" Renato Biker, Alain stepped away from the community. He made a comeback some three years later, inspired by the commemorations of ZCT100.

Other initiatives of Alain include the France Stunts Championship contest and Stunts 'R' Us, the one and only Stunts magazine.

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One of Alain's most famous replays (Eger track, USC season 2003)