Catalogue of composite track elements

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A composite track element can be seen as a track element that is built up out of a combination of different track elements. This article offers lots of possible combinations. Often using the technique of the Illusion_track.

Many times, chicanes are used. This is because the chicane acts like it has asphalt all over. It could be imagined like a 2x2 full asphalt tile.

The catalogue

When executing a composite track element, you may skip up to two track elements without receiving penalty time. When you see a yellow square in the image, it means there are overlapping track elements at that location. Rotating them or mirroring the track may make them illegal. Mirroring them may make them more badly rendered.

Straight shortcut



Flying off a bridge. More of these are to be found in the Spins (Helixes) section.

Bridge in the way

Flying in the air with bridges in the way

90° corners

Small 90° corners

Big 90 degree corners

U-turns (180° corners)

270° corners


Small chicanes + combinations of chicane and 90° corners

Big chicanes

Spins (u/d corks)

Track discontinuity

In these examples, the road splits only to merge again with two track elements merging to a single point. The track element that follows may only match one of the two track elements.

Other kinds of track discontinuity are found throughout the catalogue.

Special shortcuts

Some use self-intersection

Special use of track elements

Features looping through a pipe to save time, taking a corkscrew at a 90° angle, humping over highway tiles or driving on a highway tile with two wheels on the road, inclined, to drive over a bit of water without sinking.

Special trajectories

Features tracks with a dumbbell and figure-8 shape. Crossings with corners and a track that would let you go backwards through the finish line.