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I think we should put appart all infos regarding Stressed (not linked to any main category so far, which is not logical and un-deserved according to this program promising possibilities), car files, car parameters and Car Blaster.

On this "driving" part we should only have only infos about driving, tricks and finished cars (original or modified/cheated ones) descriptions.

I think we should create another main category named "Stunts files and utilities for Stunts modifications (except tracks utilities)".

And then create there 2 sub-categories :

  • 1 for files description / analysis with all descriptions of file formats, including track format page (track format will be linked to both track main category and this new one)
  • 1 for file editors with Car Blaster and Stressed.

Your opinion ? (10:49, 16 May 2008 User:Krys Toff)

I agree with this sort of proposal, as it seems now our categories are looking more and more all-encompassing. My suggestion, similar except for nomenclature, would be to have a main category called "Modding", with subcategories including "File Format Descriptions", "Game Mechanics", "Track Editors", "Modding Tools" (including CarBlaster, Stressed, etc.) and so on.

And BTW, other nice additions would be a "Cars" category at "Driving" and (obviously overlapping) "Racers"/"Managers"/"Developers" under "Community"

--Duplode 18:18, 16 May 2008 (CEST)

OK, good option too. And in driving we need "tips and tricks" part, "car description" (or "car characteristics") part. (User:Krys Toff, 16 May 2008, 20H45 GMT+2)

22 May comment by Krys : it seems only the 2 of us are talking here Duplode... Anybody else got an opinion ?